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XStandard any users who can help ?

Reply with quote Hi

I have put a question regarding XStandard on the XStandard forum, to the forum leader.

But could i ask on this board if any member has the XStandard Editor up and running on their computer and if so is there a Tutorial anywhere ?

I did write to the free tech advice (XStandard) as recommended by the forums leader, but I was told I need a programmer to set it up ??

Is it so difficult ----- ?? any help would be a bonus, as I dont know where to get it.

I really want the standards editor.
Reply with quote you can't run XStandard on your computer. it's meant to be integrated on your web server, as part of your content management system. it's not a standalone program like, say, frontpage.

if that is what you're after, give something like NVU http://www.nvu.com/ a try

Patrick H. Lauke / splintered
Reply with quote Hi Andy

Thanks very much from one South Yorkshireman to another, appreciate your reply.

I just found it strange that those who download it have to be a programmer -- ?? (as per help from the Free Tech advice X Stad email)

It was like drawing teeth trying to get an answer --- thanks Andy for your help. Laughing

Cheers mate

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