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Speech enabling websites?

Reply with quote Hello,

I am a komputer User with sever dyslexia anfd I am posting here to try and encurage all of you developer folks to make your websites accessible to me. At the momment I find dificultie reading and riting and this makes it dificult to access the web. For years I had to use other software I have on my komputer to read websites but I have just found a peice of software that could really help me.

Speech enabling the sites wuld alow peopel like me to have easy acess to websites and a product like this has been reviewed recently in a magazine I read (slowly!). The software I recomend to you is called Browsealoud and can be downloaded for free from the companies website. Plees note this is not an advert or anythin like that. I just want you to no how usefull this culd be for people who find it dificult to reed.

Also as a dyslexic sufferr I no that new legislaton is coming that will make the provison of info to people like me a legal reqirement. So it may be worth lookin into now!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope that someday soon I will be abel to taek advanteg of the internet like everyone else, please keep people like me in mind when devloping new sites


p.s you can find the Browsealoud plugin at www.browsealoud.com, please check it out.
Reply with quote From their site

The browsealoud service is one of the easiest ways to make your site more accessible.
With the service’s low entry cost, no ongoing management overhead, and
merely the addition of a link to the browsealoud program download page required,
the service is designed so that your website can be speech enabled in minutes.

i'm a bit unclear on this...it's a client-side piece of software, so what (and more to the point, why ?) do web developers need to do to open up their sites to it ?

Patrick H. Lauke / splintered
Reply with quote Hello,

I dont no wat you meen by that (my teknical nowledge extends to turnin a komputer on!).

I downlod the plugin from ther site and then I can use the tool when on sites that have been "enabeled". I think if you have any teknical queres you could ask them, I wuld be interrestd to find out what they tell you.

But from what I can se websites pay to hav ther sites enabeled and add the little icon to their homepage, so peopel like me kind find it.

Best to ask the company involeved, I think they are based in Inreland.


Reply with quote Hi,
I've just had an email back from the company behind Browsaloud and they furnished me with a price for installing their software on AccessibleNet

The cost for a not for profit website is £325 per annum - which i personally could not afford to implement.

I think the cost will probit most people installing it on their website, which is a real shame.
Reply with quote The company I work for are kind of being roped into something like this. A product called Readspeaker is meant to be fully server side.

They say no browser plugins and the like are required, though I think it costs even more to license.

Downloads seem pretty large though, I've seen an example of a 'home page' enabled for it. The text alone required a download over 1MB. For dial up users, thats going to be an instant stopping point.
Reply with quote Hi Adrian,
certainly looks like an interesting service. Have not had chance to play with it first-had yet though.

Any idea of costs for the website provider?

Reply with quote am i imagining things, or has this discussion been severely chopped down from what the original thread was ?

[edit]ah, my fault...there was another lengthy thread here http://www.accessifyforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=819&highlight=browsealoud ... should these be merged ?[/edit]

Patrick H. Lauke / splintered
Reply with quote Not too sure on specifics, I've asked the person dealing with it to let me know about how it moves forward.

I think its something like £2000 for the setup, then monthly charges based on amount of usage. As its all hosted by their own servers, i guess that just to cover that cost, though I wouldn't be surprised if they added a tidy sum on top.

I'm not terribly impressed so far. The download times worry me, as well as integrating it into a site. Well, when I say that, I'm looking from the point of view of our own website and its specific 'issues'.

Plus it seems to canibalise the urls which could have some undesirable effects on things like search engines. From that point of view, I'd only really look at it as a last option, after seeing how much time/effort would be required to make a site more accessible anyway.
Reply with quote I had a long chat with them at Earls Court last week - a nice bunch from Northern Ireland - the main thing to watch out for is that users with a screenreader may get conflicts as Browsealoud tries to get hold of the audio device.

In terms of 'enabling a site for browsealoud', I believe that the markup just has to be basically well structured, and then you pay browsealoud some money to stick it on their server. I agree that their pricing is simply too high for most site owners -- a real shame. If only they would do it at £20 a year...

Liam McGee, www.communis.co.uk
Reply with quote Has anyone been using Browseloud for a long period of time and have any comments to make on its performance or usefulness? The reason I ask is because a client of ours is redeveloping their current site and is wondering whether to keep Browsealoud or not, unfortunately I don't have much experience of it.
Reply with quote No, and it is limited to few sites which have registered it's best ask the users of the enabled site no doubt it is useful for people but market penetration is low.

};-) http://www.xhtmlcoder.com/

WVYFC chose the Yorkshire Air Ambulance as the main charity to fund raise for in 2006
Reply with quote My understanding is that BrowseAloud is essentially the flipside of something like Read and Write (both are made by TextHelp), with the onus on the developer rather than the user. Personally I would recommend that any user with significant learning difficulties would get greater benefit from using Read & Write, as the facilities it offers are far in excess of 1 site being "enabled", and apply to all software, not just websites. Costs around £160 including VAT, which is something of an outset, but we recommend it to many of our dyslexic students, and many have found it to be extremely helpful.

Reply with quote
Kajun wrote:
Costs around £160 including VAT, which is something of an outset, but we recommend it to many of our dyslexic students, and many have found it to be extremely helpful.

and, unless I'm mistaken, there are funds available at local education authority level (talking about students anyway) to help with this kind of initial cost.

Patrick H. Lauke / splintered
Reply with quote oh, and if there was any doubt that dyslexicduncan is a spammer: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=dyslexicduncan

he's posted from enzo.loriens.com ... have a look at www.loriens.com and be amazed that it's the browsealoud developer site.

nice business practice...

Patrick H. Lauke / splintered
Reply with quote What was it Abraham Lincoln said about fooling all of the people some of the time Evil or Very Mad

Mike Abbott
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