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British Mobility Services scam

Reply with quote Just a warning to anyone out there who might be thinking of having a service or repair on a mobility product. If you are keep well clear of this company!! Their address is claimed to be unit 10 Derby Rd, DE55 7UY but its non-existant! My father was conned by this company into parting with £300 for some batteries and a charger for his scooter, but even more problems arose after the 'Repair'. British mobility would not come back out without being paid a call out fee of £40-so I instructed our local mobility centre to investigate the problem on the scooter.
I was horrified to find that British mobility services had fitted old second hand batteries (2008 the supply date was moulded into the top of the battery) to my dads scooter and ripped him off! The charger was used too, just in a box with bubble wrap to give the appearance of being 'new'. when I asked my dad why he had gone with this firm (as he lives about 80 miles from their alleged offices) he said they had phoned him claiming to be the 'local' firm he usually deals with-and only realised they were not when he had to ring them to complain and saw the name British mobility services. I have done some investigating myself and it seems that this company is targeting elderly disabled people in various areas conning them out of their money. Derby Trading standards are investigating too apparently-but with no fixed address they cant catch them.
Reply with quote Thanks for warning us. I'll tell about them to my parents and friends. Check out this list of suspicious companies just in case. Look how many pages does it include - 2221. It's not possible to get familiar with all companies listed so how can you protect yourself from fraud?
Reply with quote My scooter was serviced by this "company" on the 1st of September. I was told I needed new batteries and someone would contact me. I came on to do a search for them because nobody has been in touch. I'm SO glad I did! I feel I got off lightly as I only parted with £40 for the "service". (I wondered why my scooter was still squeaky when it had supposedly just been fully lubricated.) Thanks for the warning. In future I'll stick to my locals and ignore phone calls that offer services "at half our normal price".
Reply with quote i have used this company a couple times now and never, have i come across the problems you have had!, they have helped me and my father and even called out on a sunday when my scooter stop, i would like to hear further as i am staying with this company due to there loyalty to me and my famil y
Reply with quote Dont think you have......If you had you would not be commending them. I was speaking to someone else on my dads street last week and they too were 'Done' by British Mobility to the tune of £230 for 4 tyres!!!! They are conmen.
You may well be dealing with a mobility firm but not these rip-off merchants I can assure you.
Reply with quote I agree they are conmen! I had a phone call to come and service my scooter from this company (well there not really a company are they?) They arranged to come on the following monday. Only when monday arrived I realised it was a Bank Holiday, so phoned my service company up to ask them what time they were coming as my family were taking me out as it was a bank holiday.
When I phoned, you guessed it...they knew nothing about it! They were aware of British mobility were 'hijacking' customers, so asked me to get some details if they turned up.
When they did turn up, they were in a battered old car (with no Tax on-which I reported to the police) and the 'engineer' was dressed in a scruffy pair of jeans and a T-shirt with a hole in the front-Not very professional!! When I asked if he was from the company I normally use he replied he was! (Company Name witheld) He was shocke when I told him I had just spoken too them, and looked aggitated and jumped in his car and sped off.
I think I was VERY lucky! There is enough info on the net about these people, one Company website says basically, if you get a phone call, ring your normal company back to confirm its them, and never allow anyone into your home without suitable I.D . Most reputable companies have sign written vans and uniforms-not like these jokers.
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Anonymous and bad, almost libellous, comments getting out of hand.

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