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HTML isn't Dead: TBL Says so

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Reply with quote I've just read Reinventing HTML by Tim Berners-lee, published on 2006-10-27 at 16:14. Looks like there will be a new HTML Working Group! They will still be aiming for a well-formed web, but they've realised it has to be done progressively.

TBL wrote:
It is necessary to evolve HTML incrementally. The attempt to get the world to switch to XML, including quotes around attribute values and slashes in empty tags and namespaces all at once didn't work. The large HTML-generating public did not move...
Nearly all websites are transmitted as text/html (in my experience) yet W3C seemed to be completely blinkered into making us build an XML web or not have one at all. But now they've chosen to produce a new set HTML-related specs which better reflect the way most websites and user agents are operating on the web. Including the innovation taking place in web applications.

Looks like the loss of faith in W3C over this year has really gotten through, and now W3C are changing for the better. Is it just me, or have the past few days been full of good news? Cool
Reply with quote so now we're going to have two parallel developments: HTML 5 and XHTML 2 ? and no mention of WHATWG's work, which leads me to believe that they're somehow going to try and shoehorn their XForms or Forms Lite in and, effectively, have two separate competing standards for HTML 5 itself.

not sure how this will pan out, but it looks like it's going to get worse before it gets better...

Patrick H. Lauke / splintered
Reply with quote A lot of WHAT WG work has already moved to W3C. There won't be competing "HTML5" specs. My understanding is that everyone's going to work together to create one new version of HTML via a revitalised W3C. And then progressively enhance it as implementations prove the viability of new features. It's only going to get better!

This actually started quite a while ago, at a small scale. But now it seems W3C is opening up more fully to the people who are making real, sensible innovations in text/html. And it's still developing XHTML stuff as well, separately, for people who want it (or who might want it in the future). Everyone gets what they want now.

The mainstream will be able to use the new capabilities of the next specs without having impractical conformance requirements. Since almost nobody is currently able to conform entirely with HTML4, that's great news. It reflects the reality of web publishing. The specs will gradually clean things up as the mainstream becomes more able to fulfil the requirements, I guess.
Reply with quote I'd be more worried about a certain browser vendors that still cannot do HTML 3.2

};-) http://www.xhtmlcoder.com/

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